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February pressed the gas pedal on our market. Buying and selling activity picked up, even if inventory remains low. Some of the highlights (source: DMAR’s monthly report):

– Well-prepared listings moved fast. Buyer demand is strong, and fewer homes were available by the month’s end than in January.

– Home prices had a bump. Year-over-year, the average sales price is actually 1.29% higher than this time in 2022.

– Yet, buyers are still taking their time to decide. Days on the Market barely budged.

Buyers, in theory, you have time to place offers and negotiate. However, spring is here. You may have a little competition if a home is in excellent condition and priced well. Sellers, the most successful listings, take time to prepare and have an effective, pre-pandemic strategy. We drill down on price points, improvements, concessions, timing, and must-haves. Every buyer and seller is different…it can take days, weeks, or even months to get ready. The sooner you contact me to get started, the better for your goals. Text or call me at (303) 868-3097.