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Our market continues to make surprising shifts towards rebalancing. Take a look at DMAR’s latest stats: – We finished May with a 31% surge of listings compared to April, well above the 10-year average of 7,500. – Even with more homes for sale, demand remains so strong that sales prices remained steady. – True to the spring market: closings rose, and days on the market shortened. – Our seven most popular counties finally tipped over two months of inventory. This is still significantly below a balanced market of 6 months. According to Megan Aller from First American Title, when we have two months, sellers should anticipate strong offers from buyers. So if your home is priced well and in excellent condition in an attractive neighborhood, list this summer – you’ll get a great return. Buyers take advantage of the larger inventory and lower competition. With house hunters busy with summer plans and or burned out from the summer, you have a better chance of going under contract when you find the right home.