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Way to go, sellers! The early bird got the worm, as we saw an uptick in listings in March. Well-priced and prepared homes moved fast, received multiple offers, and sellers had greater negotiation power. Even with the higher rates, buyer demand remains strong across the metro area. And with more sellers ready to let go of their low-mortgage-rate homes, we anticipate a robust spring market. The cherry on top of our March market: the Federal Reserve’s predicted three interest rates drops at some point in 2024. Buyers can take advantage of our more extensive inventory and refinance it later. Since some properties are not in turn-key condition, priced too high, and sitting on the market, deals can still be made. Because home values remain stable. When rates drop, we’ll see buyer competition (and therefore prices) drive up. So the sooner we assess your real estate goals and needs, the greater your chances to succeed: (303) 868-3097.